We all have a Mental Block

Our intellect, our rational mind, is an information block. It grasps information and holds on. That way it never gets to our heart – our real life center.

Our mind is power hungry and battles with heart and spirit for control. It gets puffed up with knowledge – information in words. There is pride in what we know.

We try to control our life from our mind. By doing so we interfere with the graceful person we could be if mind, heart and spirit were coordinated with one another.

As Jesus told us our heart is the center of action and source of our attitudes including sinful ones. Did Jesus give us philosophy and theology and ethics to heal our heart and control our behavior? No.

He spoke to us with pictures and parables more than lectures. He thus spoke the language of the heart – story. And his life and sacrificial death is another gift of a dramatic life story that touches our hearts.

Education is not effective in changing cultural patterns, family patterns or personality patterns. Why then do we act as if it does?  Why do we cling to the belief  that it does? This delusion is our mental block.

For the mind has little or know authority to change the heart. Education does not reprogram long term attitudes and associated behaviour. Yet we continue to act as though it does. And we keep getting the same result – no change or, at best, temporary change.

If you want to integrate a great insight into your life, teach someone else. That drops it into the heart. One of the core insights of AA is that you stay sober when you help someone else stay sober. The ’12 Step’ is essential to the program.

Try this. As soon as you learn a great idea, teach it to someone else. Be generous with your ideas and sow them wildly about. You will reap deeper insights and deeper integration of them into your life.

Riddle: How is it that by letting go of what we grasp we come to grasp it more firmly?


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