About George Hartwell. Is he too religious?

My wife was asked if my counselling/psychotherapy was too religious. She answered like this.
“George says thanks for your query.
He is officially a counsellor or therapist by label and belongs to the OACCPP ( Association of Counsellors Psychotherapists etc etc). So he does everything a psychotherapist does, has a Masters in Clinical psychology, but just recently applied to be officially called Psychotherapist.
He qualifies for the label given his experience and education. (30 years plus) It is just one of those things he never thought of getting the label for, given his work was never dependent on it.
He is a Christian, however he does both secular and Christian therapy if the client wants it. Normally, he sticks with common counselling practices no matter the religious background, unless someone requests ” prayer therapy” or has a unique request of a spiritual nature.
He personally, is open to more liberal practices and supports gay marriage, multi belief stances, and has many non Christian friends and associates.
He does not particularly “like” the church as it has been and prefers to attend a Christian church that is non- fundamentalist and open to LGBTQ communities. He thinks Jesus is fine, but the church ( as a whole, not a particular church in general) is a mess.
in other words. He holds some moderate conservative views, but would not consider him self either left or right. Most of his therapy is focused on root issues, resolving couple issues and sorting through patterns to find out how to solve life long issues. All in all, he only goes with a client’s goals, and lets the client determine the vibe and he works with those goals.
On a personal note, I find him to be a fantastic listener, a good abstract problem solver, well boundaried, playful and he prefers blunt people over proprietary and politeness.’

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