What are life strategies to reduce general anxiety?

Life strategies to reduce general anxiety

George Hartwell M.Sc. Christian Anxiety Therapist

  1. Get enough sleep – How much? People say eight hours, but it’s probably more like 7–9. The point is, sleep enough. General anxiety can result from sleep deprivation. Your brain needs time to recover. Take 90 minutes to wind down without tv or other screens. Turn off bright white lights and use dim lighting avoiding blue light. Listen to music. Soak in a bath. Go for a walk. Take some melatonin or sleep-enhancing tea. Do not have cell phones or charging of devices near your bed. Black out all lights.
  2. Calming activities – Once you get enough “hard rest” get some “soft rest” too. Your brain needs time to just calm down and chill out. Relax and listen to soaking praise music. Be still and repeat a calming Bible verse. Learn to tune out what you don’t need to spend attention on (newscasts and upsetting news or dramatic stories,) Do prayer walks. Enjoy a nature setting: a park, greenhouse, garden of place by the water.
  3. Exercise, no, really – Using the body to work out stress is a COMPLETE necessity. Those who experience physical stress need to work out the buildup of stress related chemicals in the body and exercise is the way to do it. Walking, swimming, running, lifting weights pushes stress related chemicals out of the muscles and joints, and incites the body to clean itself out. Spend time doing this each day. Don’t do nothing, do some pushups or air squats at least. Increase the time spent in walking everyday until you have 30 minutes per day. Do not spend over an hour in sitting. Take little breaks.
  4. Have a plan, organize your time – Studies show that having a plan in hand reduces feelings of anxiety. There’s expectation, and a comfort in knowing when to expect what.
  5. Practice saying “no” and being okay – Don’t feel the need to do everything. Understand your core values and know when you say “no” to something it’s fine and you’re alright. Step away from being everyone’s helper, rescuer, go to person.

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