Christian Psychotherapy and counselling for Anxiety Issues.

by George Hartwell M.Sc. – a professional therapist with:

  • Masters degree in community psychology
  • over 40 years of clinical experience
  • Conveniently located near west end Toronto and South East Mississauga
  • flexible appointment times
  • phone sessions for those at a distance.

What Anxiety feels like:

Anxiety is distress. It’s disquiet.

It feels like I am in danger and the threat is everywhere.

It feels like sleep is essential to my survival but I can’t. I can’t sleep. If only I could sleep.

Anxiety feels like whatever is holding me together – the string that runs through all of me – has been strung too tight.

How do I overcome my chronic anxiety disorder?

How do I overcome my chronic anxiety disorder?1. CORE BELIEFSYou may have a strong core-belief of “I AM NOT NORMAL”, “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”.  You are stuck in your belief system since your childhood. By now your core beliefs are unconscious.

2. LIST: Keep track of the things going right in your life. What are you grateful for?  Sometimes when we are caught up in our “story”, we just forget everything else, like horse with blinders on we look at whats “right ahead” (in your case, whats going wrong!!!!)

3. Recreation: What activity gets you out of your head? Singing in the shower? Dancing? Painting? Going for a walk? Running? Drawing? Writing? Reading? How do you take care of yourself? Get a break from worry thoughts by making a list of alternative activities that allow you to break out of your train of thought.

4. THERAPY:You will need some extra help,in identifying core beliefs and getting rid of them.  Professional therapists are becoming more and more effective in dealing quickly and permanently with core beliefs that are at the root of anxiety issues.


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