Life Transformation – How to use Prayer Therapy to Heal Your Life

Life Transformation is the use of tools in therapy and psychotherapy that bring significant and permanent change to your life. The science of this is now understood. The steps of the Life Transformation process are now well understood. The science can be found under Memory Reconsolidation.

Psychotherapy means in depth psychological therapy. Now that the science of Life Transformation is understood, psychotherapy that is effective can be better discerned. Some forms of psychotherapy fits within this framework fairly easily. Others do not.

Prayer Therapy with the intention of providing inner and emotional healing covers a wide variety of methods. Some of these approaches fit easily and well within the framework of the research on Memory Reconsolidation. Others do not.

The research that identifies in depth permanent change in emotional memory and personality patterns is new. It has come to the surface within the last 10 years in Psychological research and the last 20 years in psychotherapy research.  The practices in inner and emotional healing through prayer therapy that fit well with this research also emerged within the last 20 years. So all this is happening at the same time.

This series book encourages innovation in the practice of prayer therapy for inner and emotional by putting some road signs along the road to Life Transformation for others to follow. There may be more than one practice that fits the roadmap. Having guidelines, however, will help everyone to align more closely with best practices that are associated with lasting significant change in brief periods.

To be completely practical most chapters in each book will provide an example of a prayer intervention that allows reader to begin to put into practice the discussion of that chapter.

I foresee a series of books each focused on  an interesting topic areas in which knowledge of prayer and prayer therapy can be useful.

1. How to heal the Broken Heart.

2. Blocks to intimacy in marriage meaning the emotional bonding of a couple that creates a safe emotional space for each one.

3.  How to bring emotional healing to our inner child.

4.  How emotional healing through prayer therapy makes possible Gentle Deliverance from evil.

5.  In one book there will be a step by step overview of a prayer therapy session.  This includes an overview of the methods used in each step.

Each book participates in the overall goal of teaching those practices of inner healing prayer therapy that align well with the research on effective psychotherapy and Memory Reconsolidation.


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